Educational Study Guide


A Community Response to the Shooting of Tamir Rice, 11/22/14

A documentary play by Playwrights Local
Conceived and edited by David Todd

Playwrights Local is pleased to offer this educational study guide relating to the February 2017 revival of its documentary play Objectively/Reasonable: A Community Response to the Shooting of Tamir Rice, 11/22/14. This study guide serves as a classroom tool for high school teachers and students, and as a general resource for all audiences of teens and adults. Presenting material relating to the play and its context, this study guide stimulates critical thinking and leads to a deeper understanding of both theatrical works and the real world. In addition, the included discussion questions and creative exercises allow students to express their own thoughts in multiple modes. All of this guide’s graphics and photos, perspectives, resources for further research, and other contents can be adapted to suit the needs of your classroom or community.

2017 Return Engagement

2016 Premiere Production


Funding for this study guide and its related educational recording is provided by The City of Cleveland Cable Television Minority Arts and Education Fund, a supporting organization of the Cleveland Foundation.