Above & Beyond | The Silence of Dr and Mrs Caligari


Written by Faye Sholiton

Directed by Craig Joseph

It’s October 1973. Two Air Force officers have reported to work at a Launch Control Center concrete bunker 60 feet underground. Just hours earlier, the DEFCON alert level dropped from IV (slightly elevated) to III (heightened). Lieutenant Marc Garfinkle, whose usual concerns revolve around earning his CPA and starting a family, faces much bigger challenges this day. He and his fellow crew officer, Vietnam veteran Major Darren Whitley, could be called upon to destroy a distant city. And then, God willing, live with what they’ve done.


Nicholas Chokan……….Marc Garfinkle

James Alexander Rankin……….Darren Whitley

Stage Manager

Megan Slabach


Credit: Grace McC Photography. Click for complete gallery.


Written by Robert Hawkes

Directed by Susan Soltis

The Silence of Dr and Mrs Caligari is a theatrical reimagining of the charlatan showman and his exhibit, “The Somnambulist,” from Robert Wiene’s classic film, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920). This new work places the doctor and his son Cesare at their home, between tours, with the complication of an added mother figure. This expressionistic family reaches a turning point when the “sleeping” Cesare emerges from his resting coffin and attempts to speak. Magically, he brings with him snatches of Western art music, which the doctor takes as an attempt at communication…or even salvation. The Silence of Dr and Mrs Caligari meditates on music, language, and the self-destructiveness of human nature, though not without a certain cruel humor.


Ray Caspio……….Cesare

Robert Hawkes……….Dr Caligari

Anne McEvoy……….Mrs Caligari

Stage Manager

JC Cifranic


Credit: Grace McC Photography. Click for complete gallery.

Production Team

Inda Blatch-Geib……….Costume Designer

Walter C Boswell……….Set Designer

Marcus Dana……….Lighting Designer

Tom Hayes……….Carpenter

Beau Reinker……….Sound Designer

Lisa L. Wiley……….Prop Designer


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