Young Playwrights Collective (YPC)

The Young Playwrights Collective is searching for a diverse group of new and emerging playwrights to join their collective! Click here to access our application.

Are you between the ages of 22 and 35, currently residing in Northeast Ohio, serious about the art of playwriting, and looking for a community to encourage and inspire your work? If so, the YPC wants to hear from you!

Our Mission: The Young Playwrights Collective, a group of Playwrights Local, is a community of early-career playwrights who support each other through feedback, network development, and the creation and pursuit of various production opportunities.

Our vision: The Young Playwrights Collective (YPC), with the support of Playwrights Local, will create a network across Northeast Ohio with other early-career theatre-makers. Alongside mentors who are established in their field, these artists will grow and develop in their work, creating theatre in a supported community. The YPC will be an active part of Playwrights Local: producing work for readings, workshops, and productions; planning community events; volunteering; and attending performances. At Playwrights Local, and throughout northeast Ohio, the YPC will be recognized as the training grounds for promising new playwrights.


EJ Dahl (she/they/ze) is a playwright who currently resides in Lakewood and whose plays and “Make House” and “Femoids” have been read at Playwrights Local.





Julia Fisher (she/hers) is a member of the Young Playwrights Collective through Playwrights Local, where she recently presented a workshop production of Tatterhood, a new musical for which she wrote the book and lyrics. Julia has trained with Cleveland Play House, Intimacy Directors International, the Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium, Ohio Shakespeare Festival, and Movement and Combat Education. She is the Festival Assistant at Dobama Theatre, and she has recently performed in productions and staged readings at Cleveland Play House, Ensemble Theatre, Ohio Shakespeare Festival, Cleveland Public Theatre, Talespinner Children’s Theatre, Playwrights Local, and other local theatre companies.




Mara Layne (she/hers) is a Cleveland based playwright, director and performer. Mara graduated form Kent State University in 2017, having spent her final year in school at The National Theatre Institute. Most recently she could be seen in Good at Heart, directed by Hyeja Ju as a part of the Borderlight International Theatre Festival. In January her dividing group The Gold Men Ensemble debuted their first piece Standard Starting Pay as a part of Cleveland Public Theatre’s  Entry Point. She is one half of Basement Films which gained honorable mention for their most recent film Basement in 2016.




Hannah Rae Leach (she/hers) is a writer, audio producer, and musician based in Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated from NYU Tisch’s Dramatic Writing Program in May 2017 with an emphasis in playwriting. Her play “Bedroom Culture” is set to be featured in Cleveland Public Theatre’s 2020 Test Flight series. She’s the creator and host of her own podcast series of audio essays, Wholehearted, in addition to being a podcast producer at Evergeen Podcasts. She’s also half of Too Pink Pictures, a film production company founded by Hannah and her sister.  Hannah is also a third of The Prom Queens, a glam-pop folk trio, and teaches voice lessons to cool teens of the greater Cleveland area. /




Cameron J. Pfahler (he/his) writes for the stage and the screen and the odd, little voice that itches inside his head. As he was too busy swimming in high school and college to notice how interesting theatre classes were, the call to the stage came later in life — after a riveting performance of “33 Variations” and an offer to stage manage a production of “A Picasso,” he took communion with the stage and found a vibrant community of theatre in his Jacksonville, FL hometown. This led to much volunteering (including puppeteering a ten-foot dragon), until a new job at the Hippodrome Theatre landed him in a crash course on how play production proceeds within a regional theatre, including a thorough education on dramaturgy, casting, and literary management (and how to child-wrangle during annual productions of A Christmas Carol). The next couple years brought on the writing of several plays, workshopping with writers’ groups, and presenting several staged readings in theatres and museums, as well as co-creating a 24-hour playwrights festival. After making the move to Cleveland, discovering various wonderful theatres, and joining the Young Playwrights Collective, he now works fervently to improve his craft to match his levels of theoretical study, so that he may write something that someday, somewhere, someone important will read and realize that he or she now has a vested interested in the heretofore unknown playwright.



Arien Hodges

Angelo Maneage

Luke Brett

Sam Sommer