Waterloo Arts Fest on June 25th!

Playwrights Local wants you to join us on Saturday, June 25th at the Waterloo Arts Fest! This annual celebration of arts, music, crafts, vendors, and food  runs from 12 pm to 7 pm on Waterloo Road in beautiful Collinwood, Cleveland! Find more information about this free event at http://waterlooarts.org/waterloo-arts-fest-2016/!

In discussing our involvement with the Fest, David Todd, our artistic director, said, “Waterloo Arts has been a gracious host to us, and we saw this as a way to give back to them. It’s also a way to contribute to the neighborhood of North Collinwood, which has welcomed us warmly.” We are so grateful to make a contribution to the Fest by curating and underwriting a set of performers on the Kids’ Stage and beyond!

The acts Playwrights Local will be sponsoring include StarDrop Circus (aerial acrobatics), Pinch and Squeal (vaudeville cabaret), and the UpStage Players, who’ll be presenting portions of Shrek The Musical.  Additional performers we’re providing including Talespinner Children’s Theater and Wandering Aesthetics (storytellers). (If you want to check out some of the acts, see the links below).

“There’s so many great bands and artists already participating in the festival,” Todd added. “We’re happy we were able to find a niche for adding some additional content in the performing arts.”

This Saturday will be a great opportunity for us and a wonderful experience for everyone involved! A big thank you to Waterloo Arts for their ongoing support and overall greatness!

For more information, visit http://waterlooarts.org/waterloo-arts-fest-2016/!

Also find the Fest on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/1516097215361874/

Playwrights Local at Waterloo Arts Festival



We can’t wait to see you there!