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The Cleveland Foundation — Grant

Playwrights Local is happy to announce that it has received an operating support grant from the Cleveland Foundation.

This generous grant from the Cleveland Foundation will allow Playwrights Local to continue to develop and offer support for dramatic writers in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. Playwrights Local is the only theater in Cleveland that uses 100% of its funds to support the development and production of Northeast Ohio playwrights.

The George Gund Foundation — Grant

Playwrights Local is pleased to announce that it has received a generous grant from The George Gund Foundation to support several projects for our 2017-2018 season.

This grant will enable Playwrights Local to cover expenses related to our revival production of Objectively/Reasonable and the Mac Wellman Homecoming Festival; Support the World Premiere of Things As They Are; Curate the performing arts programming for the 2017 Waterloo Arts Fest, and to present the 2017 3rd Annual Cleveland Playwrights Festival.

We at Playwrights Local wish to express our gratitude for this support. We thank the George Gund Foundation for their investment in us!

The George Gund Foundation was established in 1952 as a private, nonprofit institution with the sole purpose of contributing to human well-being and the progress of society. Find more information on the Foundation at http://gundfoundation.org/.

Support from The AHS Foundation

Wordle Grant

Since 1968, the AHS Foundation has provided support for the relief of poverty and the advancement of education, religion, and community issues. The activities of the AHS Foundation have strengthened communities in both Minnesota and Ohio.

Playwrights Local is pleased to be among the most recent recipients of support from the AHS Foundation. Playwrights Local is a 501(c)(3) theater organization based in Cleveland. As a playwrights’ center, our goal is to provide a home base for dramatic writing in Northeast Ohio. We offer classes, produce original plays, provide professional development opportunities, and encourage dramatists of all skill levels.

This significant contribution received from the AHS Foundation will greatly assist Playwrights Local in accomplishing its mission. We thank the Foundation for its generosity and its investment in us!

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