2016 Broadway World-Cleveland Regional Professional Theater Tributes
Roy Berko [Blog], 20 December 2016

Cleveland Critics Circle’s 2016 Theater Awards
Cleveland Theater Reviews, 19 December 2016

What Were They Thinking: The Roads Less Traveled by Cleveland Theaters
Cleveland Jewish News, 9 August 2016 [Reprinted in Canvas Magazine, Fall/Winter 2016,  pp. 26-30]

Local Group Wants to Remind Cleveland that Playwriting is Valuable Component of Cultural Landscape
Scene Magazine, 3 June 2016

Write Fit: Playwrights Local is Shining a Spotlight on Original Works
Cleveland Magazine, May 2016

Northern Ohio [National Reports]
The Dramatist, March/April 2016



The Great Poet Wallace Stevens, Who Worked as an Insurance Executive is Spotlighted in Things As They Are
Scene, May 2017

Things as They Are Review
Talkin’ Broadway, May 2017

Things as They Are: New Theater Music from Members of Six Organs of Admittance and Emeralds
Dangerous Minds, May 2017

Review of Things As They Are
Flawed Masterpieces, May 2017

Playwrights Local Looks at the Life of Poet Wallace Stevens in Words, Music & Images
Cool Cleveland, May 2017

Playwrights Local to Premiere New ‘Play with Music’ About Poet Wallace Stevens
Scene, April 2017

Playwrights Local Presents Things as They Are in World Premiere Production
Land of Cleve, April 2017

Six Organs on Tour, Ben Chasny Breaks to Score Play
Drag City (Chicago), March 2017



Objectively/Reasonable (Interview with Terrence Spivey and Tom Hayes)
The Sound of Applause (WCPN), 17 August 2016


“Kaleidoscope” with Leon Bibb: (Interview with Terrence Spivey and David Todd)
WEWS Channel 5, 31 July 2016

Objectively/Reasonable Gives Community a Voice
Cleveland Performing Arts Writer, 29 July 2016

Playwrights Local to Tackle Controversy Surrounding Tamir Rice Case
AXS Cleveland, 12 July 2016

Voices of the Invisible: Young Students Bring their Own Words to Tamir Rice Tragedy
The Plain Dealer, 26 June 2016
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Amy Schwabauer Explains This is NOT About My Dead Dog
Cleveland Performing Arts Writer, 10 January 2017



Playwrights Local Brings a Fascinating To the Orchard as Their Inaugural Work
AXS Cleveland, 13 June 2016

To the Orchard [Radio Interview with Playwright Les Hunter]
The Sound of Applause (WCPN), 1 June 2016


Engaging To the Orchard Pits Tradition Against Desire
Cleveland Jewish News, 30 May 2016

Dale Heinen Handpicks To the Orchard as Her Next Assignment at Playwrights Local
Land of Cleve, 23 May 2016



New Cleveland Playwrights Festival Aims to Help Develop Some Fresh Talents
The News-Herald, 4 November 2015