4 Questions with Playwright Agnes Herrmann

Super New Play Special! A Festival of Short Works runs May 13 & 14 at Playwrights Local. This event features seven ten-minute plays by writers from Northeast Ohio, all presented by local directors, actors, and other theater artists. 

Closing out the lineup for Super New Play Special! A Festival of Short Works is No Returns. This piece by playwright Agnes Herrmann is directed by Rachel Zake and features Michala Peltz and Emily Taylor.

Thanks to Agnes for this preview!

How would you describe your play in terms of ideas, tone, and genre?

No Returns is a comedic take on the differences in what women want. The premise is based on a woman attempting to return thong underwear and the passionate opinions that unexpectedly arise.

What kind of experience is the audience in for when seeing your play?

I certainly hope they will laugh and then realize that there is no right or wrong way for women to take their agency.

I also hope the audience doesn’t think I hate women who like thong underwear 🙂

What was your inspiration for this idea, whether it came from real life, other literary works, or from somewhere else?

With the MeToo movement booming, I wanted to explore the “how to” of women taking agency in their lives. I was intrigued at how women approach things and form opinions in so many different ways.

What other plays and projects do you have going on, and what’s next for you? 

I’m writing a play with music. Its working title is The Storm. The play explores life’s changes, xenophobia, asylum seekers and the idea of family. It is not a comedy, but hopefully a gentle way of presenting the concept of its subject matter in a way that will enable people to talk about these issues without getting angry