Wednesday, September 29 | 7:00 pm

Where’s Charlie?

Written by Edward J. Walsh

Directed by Constance Thackaberry


Charlene Thompson and Justin Huth have ventured into winter’s high country. Now they find themselves suddenly stranded. Failed cellphone signals prevent rescue. The unrelenting snow provides water, but food is something only to be desperately wished for — unless, of course, Justin can convince Charlene that her beloved dog Charlie is the answer to all their culinary problems.


Hannah Storch
August Scarpelli

About the Playwright:

Laboring as a lone wolf or sometimes as a collaborator, Ed Walsh has had a number of efforts make it to the stage. In Northeast Ohio, his work has been produced at Dobama Theatre, Cuyahoga Community College-Western Campus Theatre, Berea Summer Theatre, Kent State University, John Carroll University, and Chagrin Valley Little Theatre-River Street Playhouse. Ensemble Theatre is another of Walsh’s venues. Two of his plays were performed there as part of The Colombi New Plays Festival. One of these, One-on-One, was later published. Walsh’s adaptation of Frankenstein was also published, as was his adaptation of The Red Badge of Courage. And it would be an oversight not to mention that Stranded, one of his personal favorite works, is included among the radio plays offered by Playwrights Local. Walsh resides in Bainbridge Township, where he spends much of the day playing with his dog Olivia, and the remainder of the day working on his next play.

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Thursday, November 11 | 7:00 pm

The Mirror Effect

Written by Oana Leuca

Directed by Christine McBurney


The Mirror Effect presents Amanda Reis, a self-searching female writer who explores her inner life through language and disguise. Her story is inspired by the lives and work of other female artists (Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, Anne Sexton, Marylin Monroe, etc.). Her poetic monologue is an astronaut’s shout in space, a place where sound waves can’t travel. She is a clown afraid of clowns, an actress trying to free herself from her persona.

Lana Sugarman – Amanda Reis
Samantha Cocco – Alejandra Pizarnik
Heidi Hackney – Sylvia Plath
Molly McFadden – Marilyn Monroe
Amiee Collier – Anne Sexton
Nadia Tarnawsky – Marina Tsvetaeva
Tammy Shanley – Virginia Woolf & Stage Directions

About the Playwright:

Oana Leuca is a Romanian-born poet and playwright. She immigrated to the USA in 2018 and is currently pursuing her MFA in playwriting through the NEOMFA. At the 2020 NEOMFA Playwrights Festival, convergence-continuum produced one of her plays, Autopoiesis. In April 2020, she won the Leonard Trawick Scholarship in creative writing.

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Credit: Grace McC Photography. Click for complete gallery.