2019-2020 Play Lab

Staged Readings of New Plays
Fresh from our Incubator Program

Creative Space at Waterloo Arts
397 East 156th Street |  Cleveland, OH 44110

All Readings are Free | Recommended for Adults & Teens

Tickets or Reservations Not Required

Monday, February 10 |  7:00 pm

Written by Mara Layne
Directed by Christine McBurney
Dramaturgy by Les Hunter

Synopsis: Ramona, 16, navigates the aftermath of loss as it impacts her friendships, family and intimate life.

Saturday, February 15 |  3:00 pm

Written by Diana Lueptow
Directed by Caroline Jackson Smith
Dramaturgy by Lenora Inez Brown

Synopsis: In 12th century Germany, the great abbess, intellectual and composer Hildegard of Bingen faces a final controversy as she defies church leaders in a battle of wills from which she refuses to retreat. From an abbey graveyard to powerful cathedral halls, the action follows Hildegard as she fights for her principles and her own authority. At stake: her own creations, the urgency of sacred praise, respect for her decisions, and the nature of evidence against political gamesmanship. Who will win? And who is the mysterious character shadowing Hildegard, with so many unusual insights into her behavior?

Dates & Times TBA

Written by Greg A. Smith
Directed by Erik Andrews

Synopsis: Three strangers wake up locked in an unfamiliar room - one unable to see, one unable to hear, one unable to speak - with no knowledge of how they got there. With traditional communication impossible, they must struggle to find other ways to understand and overcome their bleak situation; even when doing so begins to reveal some uncomfortable personal truths.